Cockroach Infestations ‘At All Time High’

With a tower block of flats owned by Bristol City Council hitting the headlines recently due to a massive infestation of cockroaches, Ralph Izod, Managing Director Dyno Pest warns that the London cockroach problem is, according to Dyno-Pest call outs, ‘very much at an all time high’. And, although the public thinks all cockroaches are the same Ralph points out there are several species, each with their preferred breeding and infestation areas.

“In the last 15 years, our technicians have treated many buildings in the London area for cockroach infestations. This ranges from landmark historical buildings to prestigious hotels, restaurants and apartment blocks,” says Ralph. “It’s a growing problem. With land at a premium in the capital, the physical gap between buildings is much smaller; many commercial facilities have shared areas and very high- high- rise apartments commandeer most of the available residential space in London. One home, home or commercial area with cockroaches will rapidly turn in to an infestation of the entire building, even the buildings at either side if not professionally treated without delay.”

“Understandably when we receive a call from a concerned property managing agent or a facilities manager reporting a cockroach infestation they want it dealt with immediately. The people in the buildings they manage are terrified, usually because cockroaches aren’t nice to look at and they scuttle quickly causing alarm; sometimes hysteria. A lesser known fact is that cockroaches carry a number of bacteria and viruses. They can cause breathing difficulties for those with asthma and allergies.”

“This underlines the importance of engaging a professional and qualified pest control company – one with extensive experience in treating all species of cockroaches. Our technicians will identify the location of a cockroach and its species which is important in tracking all areas of infestation. Some species prefer warm and humid areas; others tolerate cooler conditions. A lay person, even the caretaking team of a building simply can’t detect all the hiding and breeding places in a property. They are predominantly out of sight and in hard to access areas where the treatment we provide has to be powerful. We lead the way in treating and eradicating the initial infestation following it with a powerful preventative regime.” concludes Ralph.

Please contact Dyno-Pest if you have cockroaches in your building or in any of the buildings you manage.