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Pest Control In London From Dyno-Pest

  • Dyno-Pest is the London based pest control specialist for rats, mice, bedbugs, moths, cockroaches,pigeons and seagulls. A Member of The British Pest Control Association for 20+years. Experts at pest control and pest riddance. Getting it right first time with guaranteed results.
  • Environmentally responsible, efficient removal treatments for all pests from rodents to bedbugs, cockroaches, moths and nuisance birds. Latest chemical, non-chemical and heat treatments plus effective and humane deterrents. Call us now to discuss your pest problem.
  • Guaranteed results. Professional, discreet, qualified exterminators with 45 years+ experience in commercial and household pest control and pest riddance programmes.
  • Thorough property pest inspections at no charge. Treatment can begin the same day.
  • Long term pest control partners to leading commercial brands in the London area; tourist attractions, financial institutions, restaurants and hotel chains, facilities managers and property managing agents.
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