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Pest control for Wasps in London

Effective London pest control for Wasps

Wasps present a very real health and safety problem in areas visited by members of the public  such as shopping centres, parks and recreational areas. They are also a very real threat for any business involved in storing, preparing and serving food. Whilst wasps usually eat insects, they also feed on dustbin waste and animal carcasses. For a restaurant owner they can be an absolute nightmare in turning away potential customers before they have even reached the door.

Wasps are a real nuisance to human beings especially in the late summer. The cooler weather makes them more likely to sting and unlike a bee, a wasp can sting many times. The sting can be very painful and in extreme cases can even cause an anaphylactic shock.


DIY treatments are rarely effective and possibly hazardous. Call in the professionals. In our experience, a combination of treatments will be needed to effectively deal with your wasp problem including professional grade residual insecticides and baiting systems (as well as safely removing and destroying the wasps’ nest). It may also be necessary to install discreet electronic fly killers as part of your ongoing preventative regime.

Whilst it is impossible to guarantee that wasps will never infest your premises again, Dyno-Pest’s ‘Power of 3’ protection programme can greatly reduce the risk:

  1. Wasp risk assessment. Dyno-Pest surveyors will undertake a thorough assessment of your premises identifying risk hot spots that could lead to an infestation.  There is no charge for this.
  2. Dyno-Pest technicians will recommend a preventative and management treatment regime which will include scheduled inspection visits.
  3. Training for your teams.  Dyno-Pest technicians can train your team in how to identify the earliest signs of activity and how they can play their part by adjusting their habits.

Contact Dyno-Pest today if your business is being affected by wasps and you want to find out more about Dyno-Pest’s approach to proactive pest management.

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