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Pest control for Property Management in London

Effective pest control for Property Managers in London

Many of the leading, most reputable Property Management companies in the Greater London area choose Dyno-Pest as their pest control and pest prevention partner.

The last thing you want is a call from a client alerting you to a pest problem. You can suddenly find yourself facing a large and unexpected bill, plus an unhappy client, because you have to deal with an emergency outbreak that could have been detected as part of a routine check. Contact us to speak to one of our Dyno-Pest surveyors to arrange a free survey of your premises. From this we will gain a thorough understanding of your needs, and so develop a specific pest control and pest prevention programme to meet them.

No property management company can afford to overlook the need for a robust pest control and pest prevention programme. Their reputation is at stake and on a more practical level they have to deliver to agreed service standards. The cost of an effective programme is not prohibitive, however.

As each property and environment is different, so each risk assessment that we undertake is different too.

We take a number of factors into consideration including the age, location, layout and size of the building and whether it is empty or occupied.

If occupied, we look at the nature of the business, whether goods are stored that could attract pests, and if food is prepared and served on the premises. Discover why cheap pest control can cost you your reputation.

Some buildings are built in high risk pest areas and so will require a more robust solution. The key to creating the most appropriate programme is in the undertaking of a thorough survey of the building.

We are renowned for being a proactive business. The Dyno-Pest technicians responsible for servicing each of your contracts will do far more than simply check bait boxes and bait stations on their regular scheduled visits.

They spend time actively searching for the smallest signs of pest activity. Any risks identified can be highlighted at an early stage and preventative action taken. Pest control should never become your headache.

It’s our remit to make your life easier so that pest control is one of our key tasks that you can effectively forget.  Contact us to speak to one of our Dyno-Pest surveyors to arrange a free on-site survey of your premises.  We will review your current pest control programme and identify specific areas in which we can improve service and provide cost savings.

  • Proactive pest control for Property Managers
  • Complaints from clients and tenants
  • Don't sacrifice your reputation
  • A bespoke risk assessment for each property
  • We are renowned for being a proactive business
  • Free on-site survey