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Pest control for Offices in London

Effective pest control for London Offices

Pest deterrent and pest control in the office environment is not an option, it’s an absolute necessity.

It also requires the services of dedicated professionals. Many pests, especially rodents, can cause enormous damage to the infrastructure of an office, and the resulting high levels of human distress will often lead to absenteeism.

Because each office environment is different, each risk assessment that we undertake is different too.

We take a number of factors into consideration including the age, layout and size of your offices, the nature of your business, whether goods that could attract pests are stored in your offices, whether you serve food and where in the greater London area your offices are located.

Some offices are built in high risk pest areas and so require a more robust solution.

Once we have completed a thorough survey of your office, we then define the level of pest control and pest prevention service required to keep your offices running smoothly

Being proactive means that your Dyno-Pest technician does far more than simply checking bait boxes and bait stations on his regular scheduled visits. He spends time actively searching for the smallest signs of pest activity. Any risks that he identifies can then be highlighted at any early stage and preventative action taken. Discover why cheap pest control can cost you your reputation.

Office pest control is our job – it should never become your headache. A member of your team should not be the first person to alert you to a pest problem.

Contact us if you would like to speak to one of our Dyno-Pest surveyors to arrange a free on-site survey of your offices.

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