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Pest control for Local Authorities in London

Effective pest control for Local Authorities & Housing Associations in London

A growing number of Local Authorities and housing associations in the greater London area are choosing Dyno-Pest to supplement the activities of their own pest control teams at times when demand for their services or rapid solutions to infestation is high.

In all cases, our service exceeds the service level agreement.

Dyno-Pest have many years experience in handling minor and major outbreaks of pest infestation in resident properties. These can range from cockroaches that have infested an entire building to an outbreak of bedbugs in one property or an increase in rodent activity in communal public areas.

Dyno-Pest have many years experience in providing additional resource at busy locations. The rodent population varies in London and in some areas it can be exceptionally high. This presents a higher than average risk to the local population.  The effect can be that the existing environmental health team is stretched to capacity responding to calls from concerned and anxious residents. We work with the existing team and so reduce the impact of further outbreaks and the likelihood of a major recurrence.

Dyno-Pest are experienced in bird fouling removal and bird prevention systems. Pigeons can cause an enormous amount of damage to all aspects of the exterior of a building. Their droppings are a major health and safety hazard to children and adults. We are highly experienced in removing and cleaning the areas where pigeons have fouled and then installing protective systems to stop pigeons from perching and roosting.

Working alongside your team, our goal is to deliver the very best value and achieve the right results, so leading to an improvement in the quality-of-life for those residents that are affected. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you to deliver the most effective pest control and pest prevention solutions. Discover why cheap pest control can cost you your reputation.

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