mice have been found “scurrying around Westminster’s cafe

The not so common mouse…

Hot on the heels of news that mice were spotted in the Tate Gallery restaurant no less, we now discover that mice have been found “scurrying around Westminster’s cafe after evading the 1755 mousetraps put down to stop an infestation.” (Mail online).

Spotted in the Jubilee cafe in the House of Commons the mouse was audaciously taking to the floor, running around the tables, being filmed whilst doing so for broadcasting on YouTube. On a more serious note, this is despite the Parliamentary authorities spending a massive £110,000 on tackling mice, rats and pigeons between 2014 and 2015.

“The biggest issue here is the age and state of the building,” said Ralph Izod, Dyno- Pest Managing Director. “The House of Commons is a huge, sprawling, interconnected historic building with a number of massive problems including a leaking roof and crumbling stonework. It is pretty much a magnet for rodents and pigeons. For any pest control company attempting to manage the problem, the starting point has to be a forensic assessment of the buildings, taking into consideration every single entry point, every single pest risk hotspot.  This in itself is a task which could take up to 8 weeks if the ensuing pest strategy is to be effective.” Contact Dyno-Pest  if you have problems with mice or other pests in your building.

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