500,000 mice on the London Underground and rising | Dyno Pest

500,000 mice on the London Underground and rising

It’s a statistic that will send a shudder through any tube traveller. Yes there are estimated to be half a million mice inhabiting the London underground system. With the Olympics bringing thousands to the capital – many of whom will be using the tube to travel being distracted by a mouse can be dangerous. Says Ralph Izod, managing director Dyno-Pest “Given the layout of the tube it is impossible to fully eradicate mice from the London Underground,” says Ralph. “With all the tunnels, dark areas and multiple entry and exit points they will always breed. However, commuters and visitors using the tube can do their bit; firstly by reporting any sightings of mice to a member of the London Underground team and secondly by ensuring they don’t leave drink cans or food wrappers with leftovers for a mouse can feast on. Just a few crumbs are enough. Travellers need to focus on their safety at all times. Moving to the edge of the platform to look at a mouse can be dangerous.”